The Gospel-Pimps


Welcome to the Church of Blues

The Church of Blues (CoB) is an association of churches established primarily on the principle that temporary salvation is accomplished by two separate works of the grace of the Holy Beat through faith in the eternal Blues, the Son of the Holy Beat.

The first work of grace is the regular participation in a juke joint Blues service, or at least the purchase of a nice collection of Blues LPs and frequent listening, humming and happily dancing to its beat.

The second work is the baptism of the Spirit of Good Times, or sanctification by the Feeling, which is the indwelling of the Spirit of Good Times, eradicating the nature of sin and bad vibes.

So what are you hesitatiní for? Tomorrow you may be blind, crippled and crazy, or somewhere pushing up the daisies. Come and join the Church of Blues for a whole bunch of sacred fun! Drink plenty of holy water, breathe the incense, see the light! Shout and sing and boogie the house down with your brothers and sisters! Donít wait another day. Check with the Gospel Pimps for the next divine service in your nearest juke joint.
And if there is none yet, do a good dead and set up a jubilee yourself. Reverend Mike and Deacon T can be booked for a modest fee.

The Gospel Pimps

"Welcome all you believers
Thanks for gathering here today
Reverend Mike and Deacon T
Goní boogie all your sins away"
(Negro Spiritual, c. 1861)

Thatís right, brothers and sisters, the Gospel Pimps are coming to play near your town. Reverend Mike and Deacon T. will have you stomp your feet to the Holy Beat and shake your thing to that juke joint swing. Hear them preach the Gospel of the Blues like they ainít got nothing to lose. See them work the sacred mojo and lift your soul into blues heaven, Jojo.

Witness the miraculous transformation of

Worship with us!

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